Wednesday, August 20, 2014

My Favorite Lip Color of the Moment!

Hey guys!
So I'm going to do a post on my favorite lip color of the moment because I thought it'd be fun and I've been wearing this for literally the last couple weeks straight. The thing is... you can't get this color anymore. But I decided to do it anyways and keep it short and sweet and hope you can find dupes! 

It's Camera, which is a Stila lip glaze that I love! It was limited edition for Birchbox, but it's just a rosy brown shade with pink shimmer. It's seriously so gorgeous and I love it so much and just had to share! If you know of any dupes for this, please let me know and leave it in the comments for my readers! Also, just my thoughts on Stila lip glazes in general... I love them! I don't mind the stickiness (until I'm in wind and my hair gets all up in it) because stickier lip color have better staying power. I also love Stila's packaging and colors and I don't mind a slightly tacky feel on my lips. So that's that!

In To: My MacBook Air! It's only mine until May because my school issues it to all the students, but it's absolutely fantastic and light and perfect!
Over: Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles. I loved the show when it was Altman, Flagg, and Madison, but ever since they replaced Madison with the two British dudes, I'm not as into it. There's only been one episode so far, so we'll see if I like it more as the season progresses!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Back to school fashion inspiration!

Hi guys! 
So this is the last in my "back to school inspiration" series and it's going to be all about fashion and outfits that I would wear to school! Honestly 90% of the time I wear a v neck and jeans, but these outfits are great for when I want to actually try to dress myself!

I love this for fall! The dress is totally school appropriate (for me at least) and I love how you could change the shoes up and the accessories and wear it a billion different ways! 

I love a good graphic tee or tank and dark skinny jeans go with everything! I'm also loving those feather earrings because they dress up the outfit and make it more feminine and girly!

For me, I love layering for school because outside it can get quite warm and humid, being in Hawaii and it can also be freezing in the classrooms! A nice jacket can dress up or down an outfit, but I also like wearing flannels or long sleeve denim button downs over tanks like the one in the picture!

So let me know what kinds of outfits you'd wear to school and if you dress fancier than me or more casual! Also, check out my new online personal shopping service if you want me to style you!

P.S. I'm in to ARP it's a machine that I use at physical therapy for my shoulder rehabilitation and it's so good! It sends electrical shocks at targeted muscles and it is amazing! Over being laptopless! I'm getting a school issued one tomorrow and I couldn't be happier!

Monday, August 18, 2014

Back To School Makeup Inspiration

Hey guys!
So this makeup inspiration might not be exactly "back to school" worthy for some of you guys, but they are some things that I might wear to school! I get that a couple pictures might be too heavy of a look for school depending on where you go and what grade you're in, but "inspirations" are exactly what this is, so I hope it's still helpful!

So this is the most wearable of all the makeup looks that I have for you guys today! I love a good cat eye and I think that it's a way of looking really put together, while still only spending 15 minutes on your look! And a good pink lip is always in, although I could also see this looking fab with a deeper brown/nude color!

I love a good bronze look because it makes it seem like you spent all of your summer at the pool or beach instead of at a job! I wouldn't go so glowy or as heavy on the highlight as the one in this picture because I could see that being a mess after a day at school, but a little bit of bronzer could look great!

This might not be everyone's cup of tea, but I love it! That lip color is seriously my favorite (Rimmel Showoff Lip Lacquer in Comet is close) and I think that it's a great lip color for school! The eyes in this look are very smokey and dark, but I love the idea of a heavily lined eye on like a friday or just a day when you want to be edgier!

So I totally get that you guys might not like these looks for school, but I think regardless, they'll be good inspiration for a night out or even a weekend! 

and today I'm...
In To: Running Wild. Seriously the best television show ever! It's where Bear Grylls takes celebs into the wilderness. So far there's been Zac Efron, Channing Tatum, and Ben Stiller!
Over: Starbucks prices! They are just so high right now! My dad even said it's scary when a drink costs more than a happy meal!